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Cavities are the most common childhood disease, but they can also impact adolescents and adults. Even a small cavity can contribute to serious health concerns, including further decay, infection, and bone loss.


For over 25 years our family dentistry has provided effective repair for cavities using tooth-colored fillings. These composites provide durable, appealing resolution to these tooth issues.

Resolve decay and protect your health

Let us ease your mind with gentle, painless care

Many people avoid getting the dental care they need because they fear the pain or discomfort of the treatments. Put your confidence in our gentle team and our specialization in painless care to ease your anxiety and provide your treatments without the discomfort.

• Composites are tooth-colored for a natural, seamless look

• You can eat on composite fillings as soon as the anesthesia wears off

• Composites feel smooth and natural for total comfort

• Various colors are available to match the filling to the color of your teeth

• Composite fillings are bonded to the teeth for long-lasting durability. Small fillings can actually last a

  lifetime if properly maintained

What you should know about composite fillings

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